Car rental in Athens airport

Joyride Car Rental is active in car rental at Athens Airport and serves from its store in the airport area.

Rent a car in Athens airport just 20 meters from the exit of your gate is carried out without delay of your valuable time, unnecessary movements and delays at counters and parking.

The process takes just 5 minutes of your time and likewise the car is delivered to a nearby point outside your departure gate.

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Car rental in Athens airport is a very simple procedure with no deposit required for booking and free cancellation up to the last minute. The payment of the rental is made when you pick up the car.

The tenant's obligation is only to pay the rent without withholding a security deposit in cash or from his credit card.

Payment is completed upon delivery of the car by a representative of the company at the airport exclusively for you.

The lessee can choose from over 27 different types of new car models covered with 24-hour roadside assistance and there is the possibility of changing the car within 24 hours in case of damage or damage if it is located in Attica.

Joyride cars comply with all the instructions of the respective factory manufacturer with regard to regular maintenance. Maintenance is carried out in the company’s own workshops by qualified personnel.

A representative of the garage is available 24/7 for technical issues during the rental period. The company’s call center is open all year round and there is always a representative there, ready to assist you.

After each rental, the rental cars at Athens Airport are biologically cleaned with branded non-toxic materials in the company’s biological cleaning department.

In addition, UV-C radiation is applied in the passenger cabin against viruses and Covid 19. Safety and hygiene in the preparation of the rental car is a priority for the entire technical department of the company.

Thousands of customers from Greece and around the world choose Joyride car rental for the speed, flexibility and competitive prices we offer.

Car rental with no deposit, no credit card guarantee, no cash or lease payment, car rental in Athens Airport is now easier than ever

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