Monthly rental programmes

Joyride car rental is pioneering

in monthly rentals with programmes which cover a big variety of needs and demands from companies to individuals.

Joyride Car Rental - monthly rentals

Rental and credit card warranties are not needed, as well as payment data of a company or individual.

During the rental, the leaser is obliged to prepay the current rental month without the need of warranty.

In other words, you have to pay every month of rental individually without any down-payment.

Well-known companies, international associations and many individuals in need of a car for their family needs count on Joyride for monthly car rental.

Joyride Car Rental - no deposit needed

Monthly rental programmes are extremely competitive in rental terms as well as really inexpensive for long periods.
More info can be found by visiting any of our branches in both Athens and Evia island, by calling or email.