Car rental without a credit card guarantee

Joyride car rental is one of the first companies in Greece that successfully implemented car rental without credit card and cash guarantee.

With branches in Athens and Evia island, it has practically simplified the rental process for individuals and companies from Greece and around the world.

The only requirement from tenants is the rent of the rental, with no hidden charges and no clear terms. Terms and conditions apply when renting a car without a credit card. Representatives of the company are at your disposal for any information or clarification

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Car rentals have never been simpler.

Joyride Car Rental has a technical network of partners throughout Greece and a 24-hour call center for technical instructions and assistance throughout the year

Credit card-free rental is for individuals and companies looking for flexibility in transactions, a wide range of cars, reliability and security in their daily commute.

The delivery can be made at your place in the whole of Attica and several areas of Evia island 24 hours a day with the well-known reliability of Joyride Car Rental. In case of damage or damage to your vehicle, the company can replace the rental car within 24 hours, if it is located within Attica.

Also, there is no obligation from the renter in long waits for a scheduled technical inspection of the car the technical inspection (MOT) A replacement car will be there to serve you and everything else is up to our technical department.

In car rental without credit card guarantee the car is thoroughly checked by the technical department of the company before each rental. In addition, before each rental, a non-toxic biological cleaning of the passenger cabin and a 20-minute UV-C lamp application against COVID is applied.

All cars of Joyride car rental are new technology, in excellent condition with petrol, diesel euro6 engines and hybrid. Monthly car rental or by the day is now easier than ever. With simple approval procedures that take only a few hours, minimal requirements from the renter and clear terms of rental and use of the vehicles.

Car rental without credit card or cash guarantee and without any deposit for the reservation. You can make your reservation without a deposit, payment upon pick-up of the rental car, and free cancellation without cost up to 24 hours before delivery. In the volatile times we live in with great programming difficulty Joyride has the solution for you. With no money commitment and no upfront payment, your planning becomes flexible, stress-free and cost-free.

Forget everything you knew so far about car rental in Athens, Athens airport and Evia island. Especially when picking up at Athens airport, the car is located just 20 meters outside the arrival gate without unnecessary movements and waiting. Car rental with no credit card guarantee, no cash guarantee, no deposit and free cancellation.

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