No credit card guarantee

Joyride is one of the first rental companies in Greece that successfully implemented car rentals without credit card guarantee, both in Athens and Evia Island.

The car delivery can take place in any possible area of Attica and Evia Island, by the well-known and high-standard service Joyride provides at the lowest possible cost.

The rental becomes more approachable for everyone, without additional commitment and delays.

Car rentals have never been simpler.

We don’t occupy or block your credit or debit card for the rental with any amount as a guarantee.

Moreover, there is no need for cash occupation as guarantee for the car rental, which is possible in Athens airport and city, and the rest of Attica state, as well as Evia Island.

You can select the car that best suits your purpose between 30 different car types.

In case of rental without credit card or other means of guarantee, the terms and conditions still exist.

You can be relatively informed at our company branches or by phone and e-mail. A company agent is willing to answer your every question, 24/7.

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