Joyride Car Rental - no credit card, no deposit

Delivery/Pickup in ports or hotels

Joyride implements delivery programmes in your area within Athens, Attica and Evia as well as Piraeus and Rafina ports.

Joyride Car Rental - no credit card, no deposit

Personal Rental in Athens Airport

Joyride Car Rental delivers your car at Athens airport at the time of your flight arrival 24/7 close to your gate.

Joyride Car Rental - monthly rentals

Monthly rental programmes

Joyride car rental is pioneering in monthly rentals with programmes which cover a big variety of needs and demands.

Joyride Car Rental - Car types

Our varied car fleet

Joyride car rental owns a proprietary car fleet, which enables you to choose from 27 different car types of your choice.

Joyride Car Rental - no credit card, no deposit

Rental Without Deposit

Joyride Car Rental has implemented an innovative way in rentals. That is car rental without deposits for the booking.

Joyride Car Rental - 24 hour support

24h service and support

Specialized staff is at your service 24/7 to answer every question or request concerning your rental or your planned destination.

Joyride Car Rental - no credit card, no deposit

No Credit Card Guaranteee

We don’t occupy or block your credit or debit card for the rental with any amount as a guarantee, check our "feel free" service.


Joyride Car Rental

Joyride Car Rental is a brand of Alexandri Bros. G.P , a car rental and dealing company, spare part and accessories supplier, service and biological cleaning facility.
The company, which has branches in both Evia island and Athens, continues to operate constantly since 1991 and makes one of the oldest and car companies.





Car Types





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