4x4 Car Rentals

Joyride Car Rental offers a wide variety of SUVs and 4x4s for rentals in Evia Island and Athens.

The company provides 5 different 4×4-car categories for professional or individual use, for any type of terrain.

Our customer base includes internationally-known companies that operate in Greece.

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The terms for corporate jeep rentals are flexible, with no cash guarantee or downpayment, with a service network that spans across Greece.

You can change your car in case of malfunction or damage, within 24 hours, providing the car is located within Attica or Evia.

Our service specialists are at your disposal for guidance 24/7, all year round.

Our 4WD SUVs are treated, along with biological cleaning, with UV-C radiation in the entire cabin, to prevent the spread of Covid-19, along with other viruses.

Depending on the condition of terrain, which the 4×4 rental car will be driving on, a professional will be there to help you pick the vehicle that is best suited for your destination.

Our 4×4 cars are fitted with different tires, to match the terrain (mud, dirt, rocky terrain, rain, snow, asphalt).

A company representative will guide you, to not only choose the correct car, but the correct tires for your jeep, as well.

Our 4×4 rental cars are checked after every rental at our proprietary service facilities, by specialised staff. Our 4WD fleet consists of new, reliable and tested car models, with low mileage, that are exchanged after 2 years of service.

The reliability of Joyride Car Rental in 4×4 jeeps with the best prices in the market, no cash guarantee or monthly payments and a support network all across Greece.

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