Car Rentals in Holargos

Joyride Car Rental operates in Holargos, with delivery and pickup at Nomismatokopeio Metro Station.

It is certainly possible to have your rental car delivered at your place of stay or work, on the day of your choice, all year round.

Joyride Car Rental - monthly rentals

Downpayment is not obligatory for the rental, you are able to cancel any rental free of charge, without the need for any cash or credit card guarantee.

You only need to pay the pre-arranged amount for the rental, with no hidden charges or time-consuming procedures. The monthly rentals include attractive and economical terms, without the need for cash guarantee and monthly payments.
Ideal car rentals in Holargos, for individuals and businesses.
You can choose between 27 different car types, that come with 24-hour roadside assistance and you can also change your car in case of malfunction, up to 24 hours after delivery, as long as you remain in Attica state.

With our very own service and spare-part facility, biological cleaning, in all our Evia and Attica branches.

Our cars are treated, along with biological cleaning, with UV-C radiation in the entire cabin, to prevent the spread of Covid-19, along with other viruses.

During your rental period in Holargos there is 24-hour technical and term-related support.

Joyride Car Rental - no deposit needed

Discover how easy transport is, by renting a car from Joyride, for commuting comfortably during your holidays in Greece. Monthly rentals can offer many more advantages, such as unparalleled, low prices. Safer transport, with no hidden charges, but with flexible rental terms, designed to match your everyday needs.
Give us a call and a company representative will be there to guide you 24/7, all year round.

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