Car rental in Chalandri

Joyride Car Rental takes action on Car Rentals at Chalandri, with delivery to your place 24 hours a day and all days of the year.

Car Rentals at Chalandri without cash guarantee, credit card commitment, rent guarantees or hidden charges. You receive a car to your liking, choosing between 27types of new car models, without having to pay in advance for the reservation, with free cancellation, even a few hours before the delivery.

night sky, car with lights on - Joyride Car Rental

Biological cleaning with a high sense of responsibility is carried out in the company’s cars, with famous non-toxic materials before each rental, certified for Covid-19 and for other viruses as well.

The cars are under a 24hour roadside assistance and phone service from experienced technical staff all days of the week. Joyride Car Rental has a technical service and partners network and in all of Greece and privately owned facilities that prepare cars, service and biological purifications as well.

Car Rental at Chalandri is made by experienced staff of the company, willing to answer to all of your questions and clarifications.

There is also the possibility of monthly car rentals with financial packages for companies or individuals.

In monthly rentals there is no leases or cash guarantee, the payment is made every month and concerns the rent.

You can exchange your car to another type during the lease at no extra cost, as well as in the case of damage or detriment within 24hours to have a car at your door without any obligation.

Car rental at Chalandri are done quickly, with consistency, flexible procedures, and new vehicle models able to fulfill your family’s or company’s needs, or to just ensure a simple and safe transportation.

In addition, a disinfection system by the American “Wynn’s” is implemented, which lasts 45’ and it’s applied in the passenger cabin along with UVC disinfection rays before a rental, with only goal the complete safety of the passengers.

Car Rentals at Chalandri, with the well-known reliability of Joyride in Athens and Evia island, with no down payment, credit card or cash guarantee. Easily and quickly without time consuming procedures at the cheapest prices.

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