Long-term car rental

Joyride Car Rental is innovative when it comes to long-term car rentals to companies or individuals featuring competitive plans and the ability to choose between 27 different car types.

When it comes to long-term rental, you don’t need cash guarantees or credit card guarantees.

joyride car rental 021

The payment can be deposited every month of rental, once you receive your voucher and the terms are simple and flexible compared to other companies.

You can choose the delivery place of the car between Athens, Evia Island and the entire Attica region and have it delivered by a company representative.

World-known multinational companies trust Joyride Car Rental for their long-term car rental in Athens, Evia Island, knowing our flexible economic terms, technical support at our service facilities and 24h phone support all across Greece.

For more information, contact us at www.joyriderental.gr or by calling a company representative.

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