Euboea Archaelogical point of interest

Ancient theatre of Eretria

The theatre is the most impressive of all the monuments of Ancient Eretria.

It is found in the western part of the city, between the western gate, the stadium and the high school, while in southwest, the temple of Dionyssos was discovered.

It is one of the most well-known ancient monuments of this type.

It is located 21 km from Halkida, 65 km from Kymi, and 92 km from Marmari.


South Evia’s dragon houses

In South Evia, between Karystos and Styra, there are some unusual buildings, Drakospita (dragon houses) as they are called by the local residents.

These 25 mysterious and impressive buildings, date back to between the 6th century and the 12th century B.C. They have been constructed with enormous stones, without foundations or windows.

The drakospita have been made with big blocks of stone that have been chiseled and matched one with the other in a fantastic way without any kind of bonding material!

The whole picture gives the impression of a real architectural challenge.

Explore these unique buildings on your own with a rental car and become a part of the rich history of Evia.


The Folklore Museum of Kymi
The collection of the museum numbers about 1.600 objects, in the following sectors of popular art:

  • Textile (mainly gossamer silk and tiriplenia)
  • Embroidery (mainly cocoon frames and white linens)
  • Costumes (male and female bridal, holiday, daily)
  • Metal works
  • Ceramics
  • Woodcarvings
  • Folk art

It is housed in a two-storied traditional building.

In the basement, there is the candle-making room, the laundry room, the traditional cellar and the agricultural tools.

The museum is 83 km from Halkida, 67km from Nea Styra and 87 km from Marmari by rental car.


Chalkis archaelogical museum

The Archaeological Museum of Halkida is housed in a building that dates back to the beginning of the 20th century and contains discoveries from all over Evia.

The base of neoclassical building features carved stonework from the polygonal system, while its corners are strengthened with carved stonework. Above the main entry of building is a pediment which is covered with roof tiles.

It is located 125 km from Karystos, 21 km from Eretria and 91 km from Nea Styra.


Eretria’s archaelogical museum

The museum in Eretria constitutes one of the most important archaeological museums of Greece, as it houses findings from various eras.

The most distinguished among these are the sculptures from the temple of laurel-bearing Apollo, and particularly the cluster of Thisea with the amazon Antiopi.

The museum is adjacent to the sight offering the tourist a better understanding.

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