Trekking at Dimosari gorge

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The tour through the gorge is a journey in nature.

The walk between the trees, the leaves, the sounds and waterfalls brings the visitor in complete contact with nature leaving him with a feeling of relaxation, well-being and freedom.

The alternation of the water with the green of the trees composes a landscape of endless beauty.

The descent into the gorge lasts roughly four hours. It begins at the top of Mount Ochi and finishes at the beach of Kallianoy.

It is really pleasant to go up to the peak of the mountain early in the morning and return late in the afternoon after an enjoyable plunge in the cool waters of the beach. It is accessible just a few kilometres from the city of Karystos.


Chestnut forest of mount Ochi

East of the peak of Mount Ochi, Karystos at about 1,000 m. altitude there is a centuries old forest of chestnut trees.

A natural museum where each tree is a living work of nature, its unique aesthetic value classifies it in the Landscapes of particular Natural Beauties.

Kastanologgos is a valuable ecosystem because there are very few chestnut forests with so many old trees remaining in Greece.

Particularly for south Evia, it is the last virgin forest of chestnuts.

Each ancient tree is a core of life, with hiding places in the cavities of the dead branches and logs, where insects, reptiles, birds and small mammals find shelter.

In the wider region of forest 59 species of birds have been recorded, from which at least 16 permanently live there.

It is a forest found on Mount Ochi where one can wander with safety, gather chestnuts and wild flowers and enjoy a picnic in the cabin which is located nearby. The cabin is available by prior arrangement for a truly unique experience for those who seek the beauties of nature.

We should not leave the area without a visit to the drakospito (dragon house) at the top of the mountain which offers a breathtaking view.

The forest is accessible by road about one hour (roughly 30 km) from Karystos.

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