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Rowers at Chalkida

Built on both sides of the strait of Evripos, with one side located on Evia and the other on Sterea Ellada (mainland Greece), Halkida is an ideal destination for holidays year-round, even more so by renting a car for the day from Joyride Car Rental.

It was one of the most active cities in ancient Greece creating colonies from Thrace to Italy and Sicily, while its apropos geographic and strategic location often subjected it to the aspirations of various conquering forces in its history. It also constituted an integral part of the empires in antiquity and the Middle Ages.

Today Halkida is the capital and main port for the prefecture of Evia. It is approximately 70 km to and from Athens airport, 20 km from Eretria and 125 km from Karystos. It offers the visitor excursions, walks along the sea and the hill where the ancient fortress of Karababa is located, and on the bridge of Evripos where one can see the unique phenomenon of the tide.

The “crazy waters” or the tide phenomenon is the direction change of the waters every six hours. Thousands of visitors gather on the old Negroponte bridge to observe this rare phenomenon.

The next popular meeting place of the locals and visitors is the beach. Halkida also has a beautifully constructed promenade that is full of life day and night thanks to the many coffee bars and restaurants that run parallel to the jetty. The most impressive and recognized landmark is the neoclassical building, Kokkino Spiti (Red House), to the right of the coastal road which has 4 earthen statues on the top.

The Town Hall has beautiful architecture and a balanced structure. At the top of Kanithos hill, the Venetian fortress of Karababa sits dominantly with the best view of the city and the entire Evoikos gulf.

Rent a car from Halkida and within 15 minutes you can discover wonderful beaches such as Agios Minas, Asteria, Rothies, and Liani Ammos. Visit Alikes, the preferred gathering place of the youth, for all day fun with cool cocktails and loud music from the trendy bars along the beach.

Excursions nearby: Nea Artaki, Leykanti, Nea Lampsakos and Drosia for fresh seafood.

Visit Vathi in Avlida to see the archaeological site of the well-known Temple of Artemis.

Halkida is located approximately 45 minutes from the airport of Athens by car. It is in central Evia thus making the renting of a car essential for excursions to Eretria, Kymi, Styra, Marmari, Karystos as well as all of south & north Evia.

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