A day at Styra

Modern resort town with good tourist infrastructure, Nea Styra spreads parallel to the length of the coast, offering a beautiful view at sunset.

The splendid beaches in the South Evoikos Gulf, the Aegean and the rich archaeological discoveries attract thousands of tourists each year.

In the region of Styra one can also see the cyclopean buildings, known as Drakospita (dragon houses) that are of particular interest.

Apart from the enchanting beaches and crystal-clear aquamarine seas of Styra, you can visit various nearby beaches with a rental car or motorcycle, such as the beach in the village Nimporeio.

It is an amazing beach with blue-green waters and clean large grain sand.

Another beach, 10 kilometres north-east of Styra, is the beach of Limnionas in Mesochoria.

This beach is located on the side of the Aegean Sea. It’s got clean waters and very clean, large grain sand.

With a rental car, you can get to know traditional Greece up close and this is what attracts and bewitches the visitor.

Styra is 90 km from Halkida and 35 km from Karystos.

It is accessible by ferryboat from Attica (the mainland) via the port of Agia Marina (45’ ride).

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